Growing Yorkie

They grow up so fast!

This was back in October



I’m writing this short blog post to share why I decided to adopt a Yorkshire terrier. I hope this helps you decide whether a Yorkie is your kinda dog.

Well here are the pros of having a Yorkie:

  • SPACE: No need for big yard. My puppies run around the house and they take a nap after. So, apartment living works here
  • BEHAVIOR: They LOVE to cuddle and mine do not bark much yet but as they grow they might if you don’t train them. Now they only bark when they’re playing together and it’s sooo cute when they do
  • SIZE: They are small, you can carry them around (Arthur loves to be carried). Their small size means smaller ‘messes’ when they potty. Plus they wouldn’t need much food, or big house, big yard…
  • HAIR COAT: I became allergic to cats after years of living with them, I did not want to fall in love with a dog that I might become allergic to. Yorkies don’t shed and they are hypoallergenic! More reasons to love them
  • CUTENESS: and of course being cute is a plus

Here’s a video of my two pups.

[Note Arthur is a Yorkie mix]

So to sum up:

Yorkies are so cute they make great apartment dogs, very loving and cuddly, they are hypoallergenic and don’t shed.

Feel free to check out the Youtube channel I made for my puppies.

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2 TIPS every puppy owner should know

When I became a first time puppy mom, I knew very little about the challenges that come with having a puppy. Every one shares the cute pictures but not the carpet potty stains. I’m here to share my advice so you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

Chewing and Potty training were most frustrating for me, so here are some tips:

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Make sure there’s nothing on the floor or within the pup’s reach that you do not want chewed (RIP flip flop)chew

Give your pup a chew toy to distract them from chewing unwanted things, like your toes (it’s cute at first, then it’ll start to hurt)


You can give them age appropriate chew bone, Arthur and Lola LOVE DreamBones but not triple flavor kabobs so much. Every dog is different see what your pup prefers.

Potty training:


This was the most frustrating part for me and it took about 2 months for Arthur and Lola to get better at it

  • First of all- BE PATIENT. I thought they will never learn
  • My puppies peed at least every hour. Good news is, as they get older they can hold it longer
  • If pad training a Yorkie -> keep them in one room where you usually stay and have pads close by. Pick them up and take them to the pad as soon as they start sniffing around the floor. Give them a treat every time. I usually so ‘NO’ when they start going on the carpet ( I said ‘NO’ a lot), then I pick them up and give them a treat after they finish potting on the pad.
  • If potty training outside -> this is harder for small sized dogs since they have small bladders. Have them stay close to your exit and take them out at least every hour when they’re young. Give treat every time they potty outside.
  • Most importantly, don’t stop the positive enforcement once they seem to get it! I have and sure enough they started peeing on the carpet again. I had to start all over again

I hope this was helpful little post. I will make a Youtube video for more tip

Meanwhile, here’s my puppies channel

Disclaimer: these links are to show examples of what I use, use your best judgment when picking products for YOUR dog

Christmas Spirit

Every Christmas my family and I order matching Christmas outfits and take silly pictures 🙂

This is my puppies’ first Christmas. I thought my pups need to feel included. ‘Cause they are family after all!

How CUTE are those dog Christmas outfits ? I want to get them for my puppies and I might get me an elf costume. It’ll be fun family picture! Problem is my puppies ate the last costume I got them 😦

How did your puppies get used to putting on sweaters and costumes?

(PS- click the orange writing above to take you to my favorite costumes on amazon to get ideas for family picture day)

Check how cute Lola looks



Puppies are arguably the CUTEST THING EVER!

So I got TWO before doing much research and I learned a lot from my mistakes.

Here are the mistakes I made that I don’t want you to make:

  • On my way to pick up puppies I realized I did not have a carrier, so I stopped and bought an over priced carrier because I was in a hurry.
  • When I brought my puppies home I put them on the carpet where they instantly went potty 😦
  • I did not have a carpet cleaner so I wiped it off (oh this is a painful memory).

well I can go on but I’m feeling bad about myself now so let’s go to the list already.

PS- Puppies are not cheap and you’ll end up buying way too many toys and things they don’t really need. Have a budget of at least $120 to start off right.

Starter Must Have List:

  • Dog carrier
  • Puppy pads
  • Puppy playpen- big room will overwhelm them and they won’t know where to go potty
  • Carpet cleaner- this is my best friend!
  • Puppy food – of course!
  • Food/ water bowls
  • Puppy treats- I underestimated the need for those, must have for training
  • At least 2 chew toys to start- they need to chew them instead of your shoes

How much does this all add up to? Well I’m a college student so I went with lower prices luckily amazon has all kinds of prices.

Recommendations Below:

(Click orange names to be linked to amazon for prices and more info)
  1. Carrier: a pet car seat carrier can work as both a car seat and a carrier- more for your money!
  2. Puppy Pads: Four Paw Wee Wee and there are some cheaper ones that work just the same. (I buy  as many as I can find cause it’s too cold out at this time of the year)
  3. Puppy Playpen: you don’t NEED this if you have a small room in the house that has tile but I don’t so I bought this white playpen you can buy smaller one if you have small dog I like how the Etna Playpen looks.
  4. Carpet Cleaner:I got a portable Bissle cleaner that’s easy to wash ’cause it’ll end up smelling AWFUL if you don’t clean it daily .
  5. Puppy Food: totally up to you, I like grain free food (they’re not birds) so I started with blue buffalo when they got older I got them Pure Balance.
  6. Food/ Water bowl: up to your preference but the Neater Feeder is good ’cause puppies are messy eaters at first and this keeps the food from going everywhere.
  7. Puppy treats: I use soft treats like VetDogs and usually split them in half, half for each one of my puppies.
  8. Chew toys: There are SO MANY OPTIONS but I stick with affordable ones that last long like Xentyl, they’ve been tugging on these for 6 months now. (video in other posts) might want a chew bone too so it keeps your puppy busy.

Comment to ask any specifics this is a starter kit of the MUST HAVES, your needs might be a bit different depending on size & age of your new puppy and if you decide to make them outdoor or indoor only pets.

My two puppies:

If you prefer a video, here’s a link to my youtube video:

Meet My Yorkie Pup Lola

Meet my Yorkie Lola at 2 months old.

I’m a first time puppy mom, I love sharing pictures and videos of my two puppies. I would love to see your puppies and hear your stories and maybe share advice about the challenges of being a puppy parent.

Comment below to get the conversation started

This is a youtube video of her and her brother playing: