Easy Puppy Budget- Student Budget

I always thought that puppies were too expensive to care for, especially for a college student.

Well I am at my last year of college and just could not wait anymore to get a dog, so I made a budget.

Turns out, it’s totally doable.

I made different budgets with shopping lists to accommodate different incomes

**All underlined words link you to the products at Amazon**


This is The: College Student Budget- AKA Poor and Tired Budget

  1. Food-
    •  Purina ONE Smart Blend is about $21 for 16.5 lbs
    • I, personally give my puppies Pure Balance just because they’re Yorkies and are prone to certain stomach sensitivities it is about $16 for 4lbs
  2. Toys-
    • For tugging they, get something like Mammoth Flossy Chew about $5 and they’ve lasted a long time
    • For chewing, get something like Nylabone which is about $3. I also give them Pedigree Dentastix to keep their teeth healthy, they are about $12 for a month’s worth.

My puppies love my socks and flip-flops when they don’t have anything to chew on. So I got them a couple chew toys each to start with.

3. Carrier: I love the Elite Field Soft Sided carrier it is about $26

4. Food Bowls: if you are tight on money, you can use your own plates and bowls. But dog food bowls aren’t expensive. They range from $5 to  $20 depending on how fancy you want to get.

5. Meds:

  • Heart worm. I use Hartguard which is only sold by a vet.
  • For fleas a common choice is Frontline plus. Make sure you know your dogs weight before choosing a product! 

6. Puppy Pads are +/- depending on how good you are at puppy training. Yorkies are difficult to potty train so I use GOBUDDY puppy pads


All put together~ $100 to start with essentials

Keep in mind some are one time purchases

Food~ $21 (could last 1-4 months depending on your dog size)

Toys~ $20 to start

Carrier~ $26

Food bowls ~$10

Meds- depending on vet could be $30 for 3 months of heartgard and $33 for 3 months of Frontline Plus

**Disclaimer: Every dog is different. These are general suggestions used as a frame of reference based on my experience.


Thank you for visiting

Hope this helped get a puppy adopted ❤



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