Why a Yorkie?

We all love our dogs but what makes the Yorkshire Terriers so special? You might ask.

I asked that question to my favorite group of Yorkshire Terrier parents and got a lot of awesome answers!

Hope this helps those debating whether a Yorkie is the breed for them.

To sum it up:

  • They are ADORABLE!

    • The long or short hair
    • The beautiful expressive eyes
    • The tiny bodies
    • Full of character
animal dog pet cute
Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

Their Size

    • Small size
    • Easier to walk
    • Can take wherever you go
    • Do not require a large backyard
Lola at 2 months

The are hypoallergenic

    • They don’t have fur, they have hair like us!
    • Good for homes with allergic individuals
      • I would suggest to meet and play with your pup before adopting to ensure you’re not allergic

20180418_131310 (2)

Clementine (Darlene Rollins Parker)
Adorable Clementine (Mom: Darlene Rollins Parker)


    • Very loving
    • Loyal
    • Smart
    • Social
    • Love to cuddle
    • Follow you everywhere (YES, even the bathroom)
    • Most are non-aggressive
    • Playful
    • Very expressive
    • Don’t mind being dressed up and having their hair styled (start young)

NOTE: All dogs are different and these are generalizations made from asking Yorkie parents and from my own experience

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