I’m writing this short blog post to share why I decided to adopt a Yorkshire terrier. I hope this helps you decide whether a Yorkie is your kinda dog.

Well here are the pros of having a Yorkie:

  • SPACE: No need for big yard. My puppies run around the house and they take a nap after. So, apartment living works here
  • BEHAVIOR: They LOVE to cuddle and mine do not bark much. They only bark when they’re playing together and it’s sooo cute when they do
  • SIZE: They are small, you can carry them around (Arthur loves to be carried). Their small size means smaller ‘messes’ when they potty. Plus they wouldn’t need much food, or big house, big yard…
  • HAIR COAT: I became allergic to cats after years of living with them, I did not want to fall in love with a dog that I might become allergic to. Yorkies don’t shed and they are hypoallergenic! More reasons to love them
  • CUTENESS: and of course being cute is a plus

Here’s a video of my two pups.

[Note Arthur is a Yorkie mix]

So to sum up:

Yorkies are so cute they make great apartment dogs, very loving and cuddly, they are hypoallergenic and don’t shed.

Feel free to check out the Youtube channel I made for my puppies.

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2 TIPS every puppy owner should know

When I became a first time puppy mom, I knew very little about the challenges that come with having a puppy. Every one shares the cute pictures but not the carpet potty stains. I’m here to share my advice so you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

Chewing and Potty training were most frustrating for me, so here are some tips:

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Make sure there’s nothing on the floor or within the pup’s reach that you do not want chewed (RIP flip flop)chew

Give your pup a chew toy to distract them from chewing unwanted things, like your toes (it’s cute at first, then it’ll start to hurt)


You can give them age appropriate chew bone, Arthur and Lola LOVE DreamBones but not triple flavor kabobs so much. Every dog is different see what your pup prefers.

Potty training:


This was the most frustrating part for me and it took about 2 months for Arthur and Lola to get better at it

  • First of all- BE PATIENT. I thought they will never learn
  • My puppies peed at least every hour. Good news is, as they get older they can hold it longer
  • If pad training a Yorkie -> keep them in one room where you usually stay and have pads close by. Pick them up and take them to the pad as soon as they start sniffing around the floor. Give them a treat every time. I usually so ‘NO’ when they start going on the carpet ( I said ‘NO’ a lot), then I pick them up and give them a treat after they finish potting on the pad.
  • If potty training outside -> this is harder for small sized dogs since they have small bladders. Have them stay close to your exit and take them out at least every hour when they’re young. Give treat every time they potty outside.
  • Most importantly, don’t stop the positive enforcement once they seem to get it! I have and sure enough they started peeing on the carpet again. I had to start all over again

I hope this was helpful little post. I will make a Youtube video for more tip

Meanwhile, here’s my puppies channel

Disclaimer: these links are to show examples of what I use, use your best judgment when picking products for YOUR dog